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Going gray before and after pictures|Four Commandments For Going Gray Gracefully | Southern Living

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How to Go Gray from Colored Hair: Everything You Need to Know

2898 reviews...

Before and after hair pictures - 2020-03-17,South Dakota

Thank you so much to all the ladies that contributed to this post.I’m about three or four months into this journey and wish I had never dyed my hair in the first place.Be prepared to take more selfies than you have ever done! Honestly, it’s a thing! 5 years dye free and happy to be me.

Indeed.Talk to your hair dresser about it for sure.Use Pinterest to create gray boards of women whose hair you admire. Look at the different Facebook groups (Instagram too) and do whatever you need to work up the enthusiasm to get you through. To grow out my hair, I stopped dyeing in July 2014, and the last of my dye was cut off in January 2016.

Look again at the photos: Even the ladies who are not fully gray have a vibrancy to their complexion.I see only strength.It’s beautiful! I waited until I was sixty (5 years ago) to stop coloring my hair.

Before and after hair pictures - 2020-04-05,Montana

I had been coloring my hair every 3 weeks for over a decade.Keaton debuted her gray hair at the 2014 Golden Globes, but she's rocked a few different shades over her decades-long career, including both brown and blonde.I no longer worry about what other’s think, I have fun creating sassy looks, and I have more confidence than ever before.

I had no idea what to expect, both in terms of outcome and of the journey itself.You look much better with your natural color it compliments your eye color.Her fears were allayed when, after 18 months of a rocky in-between phase, her hair was finally its full, natural silver.

I have been noticing more brassiness in between color treatments recently – I go every 6 weeks.I feel like finally, it’s all ME! I figured I’d have to brighten up my wardrobe and brighter, clearer colors do look better rather than the subdued, “muddy” ones I am normally drawn to.

going gray after coloring hair

Going Gray: Before and After | Revolution Gray

Going gray after coloring hair - 2020-05-01,Tennessee

For example, I have self-confidence *most* of the time, but that wasn’t always true.I was taught from the very beginning of my life that I was a “nobody.” “Won’t amount to shit!” “Dumb!” “Stupid!” I believed those things, so doors were left open for even worse abuses to come my way.I don’t blow dry or style.There’s a certain amount of societal pressure to fight the going gray process and to do your best to turn back time.

My husband now says he likes my hair better this way.“I'm a Mexican girl, I'm 30 years old, but I have had grey hair since I was 5 years old and I actually love it.It’s pretty cool.

So good to see all your photos in each different stage.Actually, my next post will be on the topic of forgiveness, so stay tuned.

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Grey hair before and after - 2020-04-24,Pennsylvania

The first step in transitioning to your natural color is meeting with your stylist for a consultation.So my plan is to go and get about 4 inches cut off and then do some low lights.You are so pretty, and your hair is stunningly gorgeous.

Gray hair is blue-based & suits cool skin tones.I have had the undercut pixie for over a year now, and I LOVE it!”.Obviously, time has passed, I’ve grown older and wiser and I’ve earned a crown of glory that had been dyed over, time and time again.

Thank you so much!.It has now been 4 years of growing out the roots and fully embracing the grey.I have dyed my hair over 50 times since then (8 years ago!) and now I just embrace it, pretend I’m Rogue from X-Men and have a grand old time!”.

Grey hair before and after - 2020-04-21,Arizona

It’s been an interesting ride these last 18 months that is for sure.

going gray after coloring hair

Full Transition to Gray Hair Photos, Videos, and Stories ...

Going gray after 60 - 2020-02-17,Washington

The cry for authenticity came from deep within.When did you decide to let it out.Katie is the founder of Katie Goes Platinum.

For that awkward regrowing period, cut it off and buy a quality wig! I am a wig wearer due to permanent chemo induced alopecia.I don't know if this is the case for everyone, but figured it was at least worth mentioning."After this appointment, her hair did sustain some damage, even with all of the precautions we took," McMillen says.

I was thinking a gray color 🤷‍♀️.I currently use Fanola Blue or No Yellow shampoo & it helps with the faded brassiness.I don’t have many, mostly just streaks.

Before and after gray hair - 2020-05-11,Tennessee

Thanks for the tip – I think a flat iron is what we call straighteners here in the UK? Sadly, I can’t use those because I do Curly Girl Method – for nearly a year now, so my hair is in pristine condition (no SLS, no silicones, no heat, ditched the hairbrush etc) and one of the things keeping me going is the knowledge that I might be able to get through 2020 without the need for any trims – so hopefully I can grow the full 6 inches (12 months) – although it won’t look that long – curls = shrinkage!.

Grey hair before and after - 2020-04-21,Iowa

It’s starting to come in all over now but the variation of natural color has been fun.I will hit the 2 year mark of growing it out next month and I love it! It was a surprise that I had white hair surrounding my face, not the silver I expected.I continued to try to get the color out of my hair for months, to no avail.

Personally, while I still dye my own hair, I have to admit that my grey-haired sisters make some excellent points in support of going grey naturally.I was thinking, it will go all magnificent silver! I doubt that now.Thanks for the push i needed and for sharing your story.

WATCH: These Short Hairstyles Flatter At Any Age.Some people go so far as to burn their scalp with do-it-yourself hair coloring products, all because of an unwillingness to look older.This is a surprisingly emotional topic, with strong opinions on both sites of the “grey hair debate.” If you decide to grow out your grey hair, you may get pushback from some women in your life.Going Gray Gracefully: The Ultimeate Guide for Going Gray.

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